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A Man and His Cat, Vol. 03

A Man and His Cat, Vol. 03

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The top manga launch in Japan in the first half of 2018, A Man and His Cat was also voted one of the top ten manga of 2018 by Japanese bookstore employees nationwide. Having won hearts and topped charts in Japan, this hotly anticipated series about an older gentleman and his unique, adorable cat is available in English for the first time!

Their little life together growing ever cozier, Mr. Kanda and Fukumaru continue to take comfort in each other. And with his kitty’s help, Mr. Kanda learns to lean on those around him bit by bit.

But one day, Fukumaru finds himself being pulled out of Mr. Kanda’s arms at the vet! Fukumaru is in big trouble, and the man and the cat, who both know what it’s like to be lonely, are in tears at the thought of being separated...

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