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Elden Ring: The Road to Eritrea, Vol. 03

Elden Ring: The Road to Eritrea, Vol. 03

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During a terrifying trip into Caelid, Aseo the Tarnished runs into Ranni the Witch—the idol of the Ranni Fan Club! He follows her advice and heads to Liurnia of the Lakes in search of the Great Rune at the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Encountering new people with various lessons to impart, Aseo also reunites with an old friend (?) who has a tip on how to get into the academy! Unfortunately for him, this means facing off against a formidable foe that’s as shiny as it is scaly. Will the life-and-death struggle finally stir Aseo’s hidden potential? And what’s waiting for him inside Raya Lucaria if he gets there?!

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