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Formerly, the Fallen Daughter of the Duke, Vol. 02

Formerly, the Fallen Daughter of the Duke, Vol. 02

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Claire Martino once had everything: a loving family, a crown prince fiancé, and a hopeful future using her family's inherited magic. Then, in an instant, she lost it all — and the culprit was her own beloved half-sister. As the daughter of the now-disgraced duke and scorned as a villainess, Claire left everything she knew and set out on a journey to find her true self. 

Now, Claire has officially started her new life in Paffuto, attending the royal academy to harness her newly strengthened magical abilities and teaching the adorable Isabella Reine as her governess. But things grow stressful soon enough, with a magical tornado threatening her new home. 

The time has also come for crown prince Vik to choose a fiancée. As the fallen daughter of a duke, will Claire be allowed to stay in Vik's life?
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