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Helck Vol. 08

Helck Vol. 08

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An epic fantasy of the powerful human hero who hates humans and aims to become the next Demon Lord!

After the Demon Lord is slain at the hands of a lone human warrior, humans rejoice over the end of his reign of terror. But an intense tournament of powerful fighters hoping to be crowned the next Demon Lord has drawn in the unlikeliest of contestants—Helck, who claims to hate humans but is one himself! How will Helck change the course of the war between demons and humankind?

Once they agree that the human race is worth saving, Helck and Vermilio meet up with the Empire’s army to figure out their next steps. Meanwhile, Azudra plans the final battle against the human army. Will the Empire’s combined efforts be enough for them to withstand the humans’ attack and finally bring this deadly conflict to an end?
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