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Walking In Circles - Finding Happiness in Lost Japan - Todd Wassel

Walking In Circles - Finding Happiness in Lost Japan - Todd Wassel

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Lost between worlds. A 750-mile walk through Japan. A life that will never be the same.

Todd Wassel fled a normal life just after university. Over half a decade later he’s lost in Japan, unable to go home but unwilling to give up. Convinced there was more to life, he risks everything to return to the one place he found answers years before: the ancient Shikoku Henro pilgrimage. Walking the 750-mile henro path, sleeping outside each night, Todd is armed with only a Japanese map. Between the 88 Buddhist temples he finds help from a wandering ascetic hiding from the Freemasons; naked Yakuza trying to shake him down; a scam artist pilgrim; and a vengeful monk.

Can he find what he’s looking for before the path, or his new friends, break him?

Walking in Circles is an addictive, fun, inspirational travel memoir set in a Japan few outsiders ever get to see. Award-winning writer Todd Wassel draws on over twenty years in Japan to retell his epic journey through the contradictions of contemporary Japan while overcoming the forces that keep us from living a truly happy life.

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